Steve Scalise Shooting

Steve Scalise Shooting

Steve Scalise is a U.S. congressman who represents the 1st district of Lousiana as a Republican.  He is an avid supporter of the Constitution and works to ensure that all of its principals are met.  Scalise is also married and has 2 children.

Steve Scalise was out on a baseball field getting ready for the big charity baseball game he was about to play in.  The game was located in Alexandria, Virginia.  All of the sudden shots rang out and Scalise recalls fearing for his life.  Scalise then hears another round of shots and then James Hodgkinson, the shooter, hit Scalise in the left hip.  James Hodgkinson was a Bernie Sanders supporter who was distraught over Trump’s election in 2016.  Scalise’s two man security detail fired back leaving Hodgkinson dead, but Scalise was gravely wounded and underwent multiple surgeries and therapy.  Steve ended up living but did not return to a healthy state until months later.  

In conclusion, James Hodgkinson, an extreme left wing Bernie supporter, nearly killed Steve Scalise all because he was distraught over the 2016 election results.


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