Attack on Sarah Anderson

Attack on Sarah Anderson

A republican state representative for Minnesota became the second Minnesotan to be assaulted in October of 2018, just two days after a man allegedly punched Representative Shane Mekeland at a local restaurant.

Anderson reported seeing a man kicking campaign signs and damaging them near her home.  Anderson then confronted him saying, “You can’t do that,” to which he replied saying, “I’m an anarchist, I can do whatever I want.”  He then allegedly charged at her while telling her to “go kill yourself” and backed her up onto the street.  Anderson, fearing traffic, got back in her car and followed him to a nearby gas station.  When he reached the gas station she attempted to catch him on camera so as to turn him into the authorities.  He charged at her and punched her through the open window.  She told him she was leaving, but he continued to keep his head in the window and yell at her.  Anderson commented on the man in an ABC interview saying, “He was irrational, just completely irrational.”  The man eventually started to run off leaving Anderson alone.

The man was later charged with battery.  After the incident Anderson said, “This is not going to change me. I refuse. I cannot live in fear. I refuse,” and resumed campaigning.

Some may wonder what the correlation is between liberalism and anarchism is; it’s quite simple.  Anarchists believe in similar political philosophies as liberalism including the opposition to capitalism which is supported in conservatism.  Not only does anarchism defy the ideologies presented in conservatism, but it also agrees with many core principles found within classical liberalism, not to be confused with modern liberalism, like the ownership of property and a free market.  Furthermore, anarchism supports complete individual freedom and the lack of government similar to liberalism’s support of core individual freedoms: life, liberty, and property.  Anarchism is, in essence, an extreme form of classical liberalism.

In conclusion, an extreme left wing anarchist assaulted Sarah Anderson who was merely advocating for the protection of private property and the right to campaign. 


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