Attack on Rudy Peters

Attack on Rudy Peters

Rudy Peters was a republican who was running for the House of Representatives in the 15th congressional district of California.  Rudy Peters was at his campaign booth with his family trying at a local fair to garner support before the 2018 midterm elections when the incident occurred.

Farzad Fazeli was at the fair where Rudy Peters was campaigning and he walked around near the booth chanting profane language about Trump while raising his middle finger at Peters.  Eventually he turned and walked off.  After walking several yards he turned around and charged at the Peters who was behind the booth.  Fazeli grabbed a mug from the booth and threw it at Peters provoking Peters to move to the other side of the booth and push Fazeli to the ground.  Fazeli then stood up, grabbed a switchblade from his pocket, and yelled, ā€œIā€™m gonna kill you.ā€  Fortunately, Fazeli could not get the knife open and fled the scene but was caught by authorities soon after at a nearby bank.  Thankfully, Peters and his family were left unharmed.

To conclude, Farzard Fazeli was a liberal who had a strong dislike for the president and tried to take out his rage by harming others.  Farzard Fazeli could have also been prompted to attack Peters by an earlier speech from Maxine Waters who said to make conservatives unwelcome in public places.


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