Corruption in the Obama Administration

The Obama administration was in power from 2008-2016 under the direction of Barack Hussein Obama.  During his administration several instances of corruption and incompetence occurred leading to many negative consequences including the rapid increase of the national debt.

Barack Hussein Obama was born on August 4, 1961.  Obama attended to several colleges and universities eventually graduating from Harvard Law School in 1991.  He went on to become senator of Illinois and then the 44th president of the United States in 2008 with the Democratic Party. 

To begin, the Obama administration accused several large banks, including the Bank of America, of crimes with very thin evidence.  The Obama administration was hoping that the banks would go for the settlement option rather than wasting their time and money on a trial.  The Obama administration fabricated evidence and successfully manipulated many banks into giving them millions and even billions of dollars.  The total amount of settlement money was about $100 billion.  The Obama administration, fearing a republican president, funneled most of the money to liberal groups known for supporting liberal campaigns in an effort to ensure a democrat would obtain power after 2016, which was not the case.

In addition, Nancy Pelosi, the house speaker at the time, requested $200 million to cover private jets costs to allow law makers to travel with the expensive, luxury jets.  The Obama administration allotted them with the money which ended up costing taxpayers more than $850, 000.  Moreover, the EPA spent 35.2% ($2.5 billion) more money under the Obama administration than under the Bush administration.  Both administrations lasted 8 years.  

These example account for only a small amount of the Obama administration’s ridiculous spending.  From 2008-2016 the federal and public debt increased drastically as seen in the charts below*. 

*=for some readers may be all the way down near the sources section.

In addition to the ridiculous spending amounts during the Obama administration, the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Towers and illegally spied on the Trump campaign during the 2016 elections.  This was a complete violation of our nations laws.  In order to investigate Trump in this manner, the administration would have needed a court order which they did not have.

Furthermore, the secretary of state during part of the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton, engaged in several misuses of her email servers and misacted during the Benghazi attack.  All of this was known by Obama who let Hillary go unprosecuted.

In conclusion, the Obama administration’s incompetency and corruption lead to their extremely spending, illegal investigations, and misconduct on the part of some of his employees.


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