Harvard University Admission Corruption

Harvard University Admission Corruption

Harvard University is known as a very prominent university that dedicates itself to higher education for all, but in the process of their admissions they have recently given Asians an unfair disadvantage.  They want the provided education to help others make a positive impact on this world.  Harvard University is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts and was established in 1636. Moreover, Harvard University is also known as one of the most liberal colleges in Massachusetts ranking as the 23 most liberal college in Massachusetts.  Keep in mind there are 114 colleges in Massachusetts as of 2018.

In short, Harvard University noticed a growing percentage in Asian students and began to discriminate against asian applicants by giving them unfair disadvantages.  This attempt was intended to increase the number of other racial minorities. This shows that Harvard Universities’ liberal bias has influenced the way they accept people by changing it from intelligence and potential based to race based.

However, a group of Asian-American students has been working to compile evidence and prosecute Harvard for their racial discrimination during the admissions process.  Over 60 groups of Asian-Americans have filed complaints to the Department of Education. The student’s claims mainly revolve around the 1964 Civil Rights act which prohibits racial discrimination at schools.  Harvard University has denied all of the claims of illegal activity and said that Students for Fair Admission, the prosecuting group, it trying to demean Harvard’s efforts of gaining a more diverse student body.  In essence, they admitted that they are accepting students partially based on race giving asian students a disadvantage even those who may be smarter or have more potential.

After the initial trial the Massachusetts District Court said, “Harvard has failed to carry its demanding burden to show that its use of race does not inflict unlawful racial discrimination on Asian Americans.”  In addition to this the Department of Justice also issued another statement reaffirming the previously mentioned statement that Harvard University cannot provide adequate information to prove their innocence.  Furthermore, a department official said their is “strong evidence” that Harvard is using race against Asian-American applicants. The official also stated that Harvard is very proud of this because they are looking to achieve racial diversity.

In conclusion, the liberal biased institution Harvard University is being hypocritical and may even be breaking the law.  This hypocrisy is shown in their efforts to give Asian-Americans a disadvantage during admissions solely on the basis of their race to gain diversity when liberals claim to strive towards equality among all races.









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