The Problem With Liberal Beliefs on Welfare and Taxes

One thing that liberals don’t understand about America is that is was founded in spite of the British who had colonized and begun to tax their colonists at extremely high rates.  Conservatives believe in ensuring that the citizens of this nation can keep the majority of their hard earned income rather than giving a significant amount of it to the corrupt liberal welfare and social security programs.

Welfare programs give monetary assistance to those in need.  The problem with this is that some people fraudulently claim to have disabilities that prevent them from getting a job and earning an income, and obtain benefits funded by tax payer dollars.  In 2016, welfare fraud accounted for 10.6% or about $78 billion of all welfare payments.  In addition, 63% of non-citizens, including illegal immigrants, access welfare programs.  In essence, tax payer dollars are going to support non-citizens and those who illegally access welfare programs such as Obamacare and food stamps.  

Welfare also promotes laziness among individuals because they can reduce their work hours and still receive benefits.  In fact, the number of welfare recipients, specifically those using food stamps, has drastically grown over the years.  Below a chart of the number of individuals receiving food stamps is shown*. 

*=For some users the chart may be all the way down near the sources section.

Furthermore, if welfare spending and fraud is not resolved soon, the United States will be projected to spend almost $1.5 trillion on welfare programs.  The liberals will have to vie to raise taxes to fund that amount of spending.  Imagine how catastrophic that could be for Americans living across this nation.  Below a chart of the projected spending is shown**.  

**=For some users the chart may be all the way down near the sources section. 

In conclusion, liberals want to raise taxes to fund very costly welfare programs that benefit non-citizens and are susceptible to misuse.


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