Illegal Immigration

Liberals are constantly advocating for sanctuary cities/states and open border policies.  However, they have been blinded by the mainstream media’s scheme of misinformation and fake news as well as the liberal agenda.  This misinformation has caused many politicians to issue statements regarding their nonsensical beliefs on immigration.

A poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports Poll found that 53% of self-described liberals said they supported giving illegal immigrants the right to vote.  In addition to this, several liberal states, such as California, have implemented the idea of sanctuary cities/states in which illegal immigrants cannot be prosecuted or detained for being an illegal immigrant.  Liberals have even proposed to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in an effort to protect illegal immigrants from deportation.

Furthermore, a 2015 report found that 820, 000 if the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants have criminal convictions.  300, 000 of the convicted were charged with felonies.  In addition, about 7.8 million illegal immigrants were part of the American work force as of 2016.  These immigrants are not documented and, therefore, do not need to pay taxes on their income.  This enables them to be able to work for less than an American citizen could.  These immigrants then offer to work for these low wages and thus end up stealing jobs from Americans.

Some illegal immigrants have even gone so far as to dig underground tunnels to serve the purpose of drug smuggling routes.  Recently (2018), three tunnels were uncovered.  The three routes went from Mexico and ended up in America.  The three measured 30 feet, 50 feet, and 80 feet.  

Moreover, a study conducted by the Center for Immigration found that 63% of non-citizens access welfare programs.  This means that they are wrongfully accessing the benefits that taxpayers pay for.

A 19 year-old illegal immigrant, by the name of Wilbur Ernesto Martinez-Guzman, was linked to four fatal shootings in Nevada.  The neighborhoods that were targeted by his violence were left shaken after he murdered 4 innocent people.

All of these findings show the growing threat that illegal immigrants pose to America in terms of drugs, other crimes, and damage to our economy.

Now, why would politicians let in illegal immigrants if some harm the economy and commit various crimes?  The answer is simple.  70-80% of Latin-American legal and illegal immigrants vote liberal.  Essentially, the liberals have become so power hungry that they even allow the law to be broken and the criminals to be defended if the criminals support them.


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