Major Liberal Biased Institutions and Organizations

Major Liberal Biased Institutions and Organizations*


The ACLU or America Civil Liberties Union is an organization that claims to protect the rights of citizens, national laws, and U.S code.

Clinton Foundation

Bill Clinton established the Clinton Foundation on his core belief that everyone deserves a chance to succeed, everyone has a duty to act, and we do better when we work better. Their mission is to work with people in business, government, and the non-profit sector to improve economics, public health, and promote public engagement in government.


CNN (Cable News Network) is a news network that provides 24 hour news on both national and worldwide topics and events.


In 1848 the Democratic National Committee or more commonly known as the DNC was created to govern the Democratic Party. Some of their responsibilities include planning the presidential nominating convention and promoting the liberalist democratic party.


This organization is part of the government and is responsible for ensuring national security. They currently employ 30, 000 people (as of 2018) who mainly work to protect the United States from terrorism, espionage, cyber related attacks, and major criminal threats.

Harvard University

Harvard University is a school located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They claim to be devoted towards excellent teaching, leaning, and research. Harvard is considered an ‘Ivy League’ school.

*=There are some articles on this website that go over the liberal corruption that has infiltrated these organizations.


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