False Hopes: Impeachment

What is the point of pursing impeachment? Democrats will say that it is to impeach Trump for colluding with Russia and abusing his power. In reality, though, Trump has done nothing wrong. The Mueller report proved Trump did not collude with Russia. In regards to the new whistleblower claims, those will go no where. Democrats say that Trump’s phone calls with the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, prove wrong doing and abuse of power. The sole basis of these claims, is that Trump threatened Ukraine into investigating a political rival, specifically Joe Biden’s son. However, The Ukrainian president said that he was not pressured into investigating the Biden’s saying: “Nobody pushed me.” Therefor, Trump clearly did not pressure Ukraine into doing anything. Following these allegations of abuse of power, Trump released the transcript of the call with the Ukrainian president. These transcripts further reveal that Trump did not pressure or threaten Ukraine into doing anything. Contrastingly, the transcripts actually show a rather amiable conversation between the two presidents. Yet, the Democrats are pursuing impeachment anyway, even though it will achieve nothing. Even if impeachment passes the House, the Senate needs to pass it with a two-thirds majority for Trump to be removed from office. Considering the fact that the senate has a Republican majority, it is extremely unlikely that Trump will actually be removed from office. Lastly, if Trump were, in some highly unlikely and unrealistic scenario, to be removed from office, he would most likely still be able to run for president in 2020. In conclusion, the Democrats are pursing impeachment for absolutely no reason, even when it will accomplish nothing.

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