Trudeau Brownface ‘Scandal’

Recently, a photo taken in 2001 of Justin Trudeau wearing brownface was released. Trudeau, the very liberal Canadian prime minister, apologized for the photos and admitted that it wasn’t the only time he wore brownface. Liberals are always ranting about “insensitivity and racism,” but they really don’t care about minorities, it’s all just a publicity stunt. Just look at Trudeau. Liberals also claim to represent the poor and the marginalized, but when it comes down to the facts, their policies harm those very same individuals. For example, their rent control policies reduce housing availability and the quality of property. Moreover, liberals often push for higher minimum wage so that those making minimum wage can survive. When it comes down to it, though, higher minimum wage increases the cost of labor, forcing companies to make job cuts. This reduces the availability of jobs, thus harming the poor. In conclusion, liberals pretend to represent minorities and the marginalized, but it’s all just an attempt to get more votes.

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