Obsession With Trump

The liberal news media has an odd obsession with Trump, and it isn’t a good one. A new study conducted by the Media Research Center found that ABC, NBC, and CBS, all liberal leaning outlets, spent 838 minutes (almost 14 hours) talking about Trump from June 1 to August 31. They also found that during that same time period, the Democratic candidate who received the most media attention was Joe Biden with 74 minutes. In essence, the liberal media has spent way more time focusing on Trump than on all of the Democratic candidates combined, and most of the coverage on Trump was negative. Obviously, the liberal media isn’t doing a good job at strategizing. If they detest Trump so much then why aren’t they promoting the Democratic presidential candidates? It’s probably because they’re delusional or they realize that Trump is going to win no matter what. Just take Trump’s massive fundraising surpluses as an example. Trump has raised more than any other candidate, proving the overwhelming support he has. Lastly, if the media doesn’t stop spending all their time talking about Trump, then the Democratic candidates won’t be receiving the attention they need to gain substantial support. In conclusion, the liberal media is delusional and the Democrats are toast in 2020.

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