Obama Trademark Dispute

A Los Angeles entertainment attorney recently called the Obamas “deplorable” over a trademark dispute. The Obamas filed for a trademark on their company called Higher Ground Productions. Their request was denied because it was too similar to the name of an e-book company called Higher Ground Enterprises, who already had an existing trademark. The Obamas were furious that they didn’t get their way, so they had their legal team file to cancel the trademark of the other company. Larry Zerner, the Los Angeles attorney, got it right. The Obamas are “deplorable” or “deserving of strong condemnation.” The Obamas just couldn’t accept the fact that they didn’t get their way and that someone else got to a trademark before them, so they took action against a company that did nothing wrong. In conclusion, the Obamas are self-centered people who always need things to be done their way.

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