Separation of Church and State

Nowhere in the Constitution does it require a full scale separation of church and state, yet the liberals have managed to ban religion from many public schools across America. In fact, Joe Kennedy, a former marine, was fired from his high school football coaching position for praying after each game. When asked why they banned prayer from schools, liberals will often say that they want to keep a state of “neutrality” in schools where no one feels offended or left out. However, Jews, Christians, and Muslims constitute nearly 75% of America’s population. Moreover, Muslims are required to pray 5 times a day as part of the five pillars and cannot do so under current law. It’s highly likely that they, among others, fell offended and violated. The first amendment does, however, call for Congress to not make any laws respecting or discriminating against a religious institution. This does not call for religion to be banned from school though. In conclusion, the liberals banned religion from many schools so no one would feel left out. In the process, they violated many people all on the false notion that our Constitution calls for a separation of church and state.

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