Impeachment Proceedings Began Before Mueller Report

Don McGahn, the former White House counsel, suggested in a testimony that the official impeachment proceedings began on March 4th. Mueller’s report was submitted to Attorney General Barr on March 22nd, weeks after the proceedings began. The fact that the Democrats began impeachment proceedings before the Mueller report is detestable. The Democrats had no evidence at the time they filed the papers to begin the proceedings. Instead of waiting to see if the Mueller report would yield any new information, they began the proceedings with the hope it would. This incompetence is a blatant showing of their thirst for power. The liberals want Trump impeached, and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Even if there is no evidence condemning Trump, which is the case, they will pursue impeachment anyway. They would rather defame and condemn an innocent man than have a Republican hold the presidency.

Another example of their rashness is the Covington Catholic incident, in which the liberals defamed several students who were openly supporters of Trump. Instead of waiting for a full version of the video released by the liberal media, the liberals all jumped to condemn the students of racism. The full video, which was later released, showed the students were innocent, but it was too late. They had already been portrayed as racist supporters of Trump and, as a result, received death threats.

In conclusion, the radical liberals are incompetent, quick to jump to conclusions, and thirsty for power.

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