Mock Trump Assassination Photos

On Friday, photos showing supporters of Senator Martin Sandoval (D- Illinois) pretending to assassinate President Trump were released. House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, who was shot by a radical liberal two years ago, condemned the photos and said, “You don’t see any of them denouncing it. … You don’t see the left condemning it.” He’s right. Many liberals have remained silent, not only when it comes to these photos, but also when it comes to the overall increasing trend of violence from the radical left. Take a look at the ‘Corruption in Society‘ page to read about more acts of violence against conservatives. Moreover, the movie “The Hunt” depicted elite liberals hunting down and killing conservative “deplorables.” Thankfully, though, the release of the movie was cancelled, but it’s still disturbing to think about how the movie came so far in its development before being cancelled. Why are liberals becoming increasing violent towards conservatives? When will it stop? Their violence is fueled by their need for power and they won’t stop until they completely control America.

Below the photos of the mock Trump assassination are shown:

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