Why Gun Control Isn’t the Answer

Following the shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, several liberal figures have placed the blame on conservatives. They have said that more gun control is the answer to stopping mass shootings. In contradiction, the answer is not more gun control, but rather better enforcement of the laws already in place as well as the repeal of senseless gun control legislation. In Florida, the mentally ill are barred from obtaining a firearm by law. Somehow, though, Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland shooter, was able to buy a gun legally. He had been flagged by his neighbors, his family, his school, and even a mental health facility for erratic behavior. This proves America needs better enforcement of the laws already in place. Additionally, if an individual in either the El Paso or Dayton shooting had a concealed handgun with them, there would have been far less fatalities.

The chart below shows that as the number of licensed firearms goes down, violent crime increases. This is not only applicable to the U.K., but also to the United States.

The reason why violent crime increases when the firearm ownership decreases, is because of the lost deterrence. When law-abiding citizens are allowed to own a firearm, they can protect themselves effectively. This scares off many criminals from committing violent crimes. If the criminal is deranged enough to carry out the crime anyway, there may be someone at the scene of the crime with a firearm. That individual can stop the shooter from killing more innocent people. The probability of someone owning a firearm at the scene of a crime is increased with mass shootings due to the larger amount of people present. Thus, when law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry firearms, deaths due to shootings go down.

In conclusion, liberals have been wrongfully placing the blame of mass shootings on conservative policies.

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