Debate #3

During the third Democratic debate, the liberal candidates further revealed their incompetence. For starters, John Delaney, as well as many other candidates, said he wanted to create universal health care for all. Bernie Sanders agreed with Delaney and said we should look to Canada’s health care system to improve our own. If their plans come to fruition, America’s health care system will collapse. Just take a look at the following headline from The Toronto Star: “The Ontario government is bailing out deficit ridden hospitals to the tune of $196 million.” Not only have Canada’s hospitals gone broke, but they have also suffered from a lack of medical practitioners, lengthy waiting periods, and cases of preferential treatment.

Secondly, Elizabeth Warren said that Donald Trump is part of a system where politicians help the wealthy and kick “dirt in the faces of everyone else.” In contradiction, when you look at Trump’s tax reforms and economic policies, they have done nothing but help the middle and lower classes. In fact, unemployment rates have been consistently dropping under Trump.

Thirdly, Amy Klobuchar said that Donald Trump wants to use immigrants as political pawns.  What about how the Democrats want to let let every immigrant (even the illegal ones) into Texas in order to make it a “blue state?” Isn’t that making them political pawns?

Fourthly, Bernie Sanders said he has helped lead the effort to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour.  What about how he underpaid his campaign workers in the 2016 elections?  Moreover, that higher minimum wage actually hurts the lower class, which it is supposed to help. This is because it increases the cost of labor for employers who then have to make job cuts to survive the higher wage requirements.

Lastly, Beto O’Rourke said that we have more deaths due to gun violence than any other country.  While that may be true, we also have a higher population than most other countries and we have a second amendment right that must be upheld.

In conclusion, the 2020 Democratic candidates are either incompetent or just plain frauds.

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