Covington Catholic Student’s Case Dismissed

Several months ago, students wearing MAGA hats were confronted by a Native American man. The confrontation was caught on video, but, initially, only a small segment of the video was released. This small segment was accompanied by written articles from The Washington Post and The New York Times that portrayed the students as racist bigots who were harassing a Native American. In reality, though, the Native American man approached them, and the students did not harass him. Both of those truths are seen in the longer version of the video that was not released by the liberal media at first. One of the students, who was particularly targeted by The Washington Post, attempted to bring a lawsuit to court that would charge The Washington Post with defamation. These claims of defamation were not only completely accurate, but also revealing of the liberal corruption in the media. In fact, the student was defamed so bad that he received death threats from liberal radicals. The court case was dismissed by a corrupt and liberal federal judge. This is what the liberals do; they defame and then conspire with one another to get away with it.

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