Democrats Fall Short of Trump’s Fundraising Outcomes

In the second quarter, Democrats fell far behind Trump when it came to fundraising, especially Kamala Harris. Pete Buttigieg raised $24.8, Joe Biden raised $21.5 million, Bernie Sanders raised $18 million, and Kamala Harris raised a measly $15 million. On the other hand, Trump raised $105 million. That’s amount is a lot more than the Democrats have raised- it’s more than double. To all those who doubt Trump can win in 2020, think again. Trump has raised way more money than the Democratic candidates proving the overwhelming support for him. If Trump didn’t have a strong and extensive voter base, he wouldn’t have raised as much as he did. Moreover, the whopping $105 million he raised will provide him with the necessary funds to run a strong campaign. Democrats won’t have enough to match Trump’s campaign, and with that being the case, they will lose.

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