Stupidity During the Debate- Part Two

Last night, 10 more Democratic candidates got on stage and were asked several questions on a wide range of topics. Their responses to these questions were ridiculous and stupid.

For one, Joe Biden said that government should be able to negotiate prices on prescription drugs, but if America does that, the incentive for companies to produce new drugs is lost.  The lost incentive will cause a drug shortage and epidemic level disease rates.

Second, Pete Buttigieg said that politicians in the Republican Party have said God would smile upon them for separating families at the border when in reality, not one legitimate, Republican politician has said that. Buttigieg is clearly misguided or just trying to bring down the credibility of the Republican Party by lying.

Third, Bernie Sanders said that a women has a right to control her body.  As said yesterday, what if there is a female in the womb?  What about her rights?

Fourth, Kirsten Gillibrand said that the Republican Party is desecrating women’s right by making moves to ban abortion.  However, they are merely protecting babies and young children from being brutally murdered. Not only are they protecting the young children in the womb, but also the mother. According to a government funded study conducted in Finland, abortion is 4 times more deadly than the average live birth.

Fifth, Kamala Harris said that Trump wrongfully embraced Kim Jung Un for a photo op, but how is trying to reach an agreement to make the world safer wrong? Her statement makes absolutely no sense.

Lastly, John Hickenlooper boasted about converting many parts of Colorado to wind power – the most inefficient and costly method of “clean” energy. Why is he boasting about the establishment of something costly, inefficient, and ultimately wasteful? The answer is, he just wants to cater to the desires of the climate change fanatics to get their votes.

In conclusion, the Democrats who were part of the debate last night were extremely misguided when it came to abortion, clean energy, immigration, and forced discounts.

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