Stupidity During the Debate

Last night, the first Democratic Debate was held and ten different candidates were asked a series of questions. Many of them entirely ignored the question, spoke in a foreign language, or responded with sheer stupidity.

First, Tulsi Gabbard avoided a question and ignored the facts when it comes to socialized health care. When asked about the wage gap for women and how she would address it, she responded by bolstering her profile and talking about her service record. Next, she said that America should take note of how other countries run their health care, claiming that universal health care is good for all. What she failed to recognize is that socialized health care works nowhere. In Canada, doctors urge cancer patients to travel to the United States to receive treatment because waiting times are too long in Canada. Moreover, according to a survey sent out to Canadian doctors and hospital administrators and used by the Heritage Foundation in a study, 80% of doctors and 53% of hospital administrators said they were personally involved in a case involving preferential treatment. This means that hospitals were unable to treat everyone, so doctors took it into their own hands to decide who would be treated and who would not be. Another example of a failed health care system is the one in the United Kingdom. The socialization of medical care there caused hospitals to deny treatment to older individuals. In fact, 35% of the time, those 55 or older and in need of treatment for chronic kidney failure are denied treatment at dialysis centers.  45% of those 65 or older are denied the same treatment and those 75 or older rarely receive treatment.

Second, Jay Inslee was and is oblivious to the facts regarding wages and Donald Trump’s immigration policies. He stated that he wanted to bring back collective bargaining to unions and use it to increase wages for all. What he failed to realize, is that these wage increases would cause the unemployment rate to rise because increased wages means increased labor costs. These increased labor costs force business to make job cuts. (Read more about wage increases and unemployment here.) Obama, a Democratic president, signed a law that restricted travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Those same seven countries were included in Trump’s travel ban because they have the highest rates of terrorism, so why is Trump being criticized by the Democrats, including Inslee, when he merely did what they supported 4 years ago?

Third, Beto O’Rourke spoke Spanish, exposed himself when it comes to abortion, and advocated for the release of criminals. Why did Beto speak Spanish during the debates? Well, he wants to appeal to Hispanic immigrants. The problem is, though, many Americans cannot understand Spanish and have little idea what he said during the debate. How stupid is that? He could have appealed to everyone, including the Hispanic citizens, speaking English, especially since English is part of the naturalization process. In addition, he said that health care means every female can decide what to do with their bodies clearly expressing his support of abortion. But what about the female babies in their mother’s wombs? Why don’t they get to chose what to do with their body? The truth is, he doesn’t care about women’s rights unless it gets him more votes. Abortion, in most cases, is 4 times more deadly than live birth and jeopardizes the safety of the mother, which is definitely not good health care. Lastly, Beto condemned the incarceration of those on charges of non-violent drug crimes. If he can’t understand that non-violent drug crimes are still crimes and are punishable offenses, then he’s just plain stupid.

Fourth, Juli├ín Castro said he would appoint judges to the bench that would respect the Roe v. Wade court precedent. However, this court precedent is invalid and should be revoked. The original Roe in the case came to the realization that what she had done was wrong and became pro-life. You can read about how she became pro-life here. Also, it based on the then believed fact that when a baby is viable outside the womb, then – and only then – it is considered living. We now know, however, that a baby is alive when it is genetically distinct which occurs at the moment of fertilization.

Fifth, Corey Booker said that America has wrongfully criminalized addiction. For most, it is their choice to try an illegal drug, and the consequence for them is addiction. So how have we wrongfully criminalized a voluntary illegal action?

In conclusion, the Democratic presidential candidates have no idea what they are talking about and are just plain stupid when it comes to most issues.

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