Bongino Calls Out Congress

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino recently said, “Everybody needs to take all their politics and throw it in the garbage for two minutes here,” when it comes the border. This statement issued to Congress is 100% accurate. Liberal politicians need to stop focusing on the politics behind the issue and start focusing on securing our border. Many Americans have been killed by illegal immigrants and MS-13 gang members. Instead of serving their constituents, liberals opt to serve their agenda and forget the American people. They propose ridiculous legislation and advocate for the establishment of sanctuary cities, which allow illegal immigrants to remain in the United States. Liberal politicians have devised a scheme of letting illegal immigrants come and stay in the United States. In return, most of those illegal immigrants will illegally vote for liberals. The liberal politicians think that if they let in enough illegal immigrants, they will remain in office and be able to continue lining their pockets. In essence, Bongino is right, liberals need to check their priorities and start serving the American people honestly.

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