What is illegal immigration? Well, just what it sounds like, it is the illegal immigration of people from one country to another. Sure, they might be fleeing for serious reasons, but their is a set process for them to enter this country that they must follow. Over the years immigrations has surged. See the chart below:

The reason why many illegal immigrants opt to skip the legal process, is because they have something to hide. In fact, a study conducted by migrationpolicy.org found that 820, 000 illegal immigrants in the United States had criminal convictions. Moreover, criminal gangs like MS-13 are able to enter the country through illegal immigration and stay because of sanctuary cities, which is absolutely absurd. What we need to protect America, is the encouragement of legal immigration, a border barrier, and the abolishment of sanctuary cities. All of these things are what Trump has continually done and will continue to do.

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