After the recent school shooting in Colorado and the Parkland shooting in Florida, more pushes for gun control have been made from the left. Kamala Harris, a California Senator and Democratic presidential candidate, said that if elected to the White House she would move to enforce gun control. Moreover, Cory Booker, a New Jersey senator, said that gun violence “is an everyday experience to people like me”. What does “people like me” mean? Minorities? If he is trying to imply that racism is the source of this violence, that would make no sense because white on black crimes numbered about 2.8 per 1, 000 people, while black on black crimes numbered about 16.5 per 1, 000 people. Moreover, our Second Amendment right guarantees the right to bear arms to Americans (only law abiding ones of course) and to violate that would be to commit a constitutional crime. Not to mention, if it were to be violated, our fundamental principles would be dismantled. In essence, this push by the left is absolutely unconstitutional and ridiculous.

Read more about race and crime here or about the falsity of liberal gun control perspectives here.

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