Joe Biden is expected to officially announce his 2020 run for presidency later next week. Some have said that Joe Biden is the most qualified Democratic candidate and poses a threat to Trump’s re-election. However, in light of the recent allegations regarding his touchy behavior around women and girls, Joe Biden does not stand a chance. The liberals have claimed that Trump’s comments about touching women on a bus more than a decade ago (2005) are worse than Biden’s touchy behavior. Trump has clearly changed since 2005 and has not engaged in any activity that could be considered misconduct. In fact, it was likely that Trump was just joking around on the bus trying to look cool and never actually did any of the actions he said he did. Moreover, Biden’s actions are still very recent and he has no changed since. His lack of change has especially been seen in his public defense of his touchy behavior. Biden specifically said, “Not once — never — did I believe I acted inappropriately.” In conclusion, Biden stands on shaky grounds with the Democratic Party and has no chance of being elected over Trump in the 2020 elections.

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