Recently, many Democrats have said that their platform will entail the removal of the electoral college. The electoral college is the process by which America elects its president. In the process, each state is worth a certain amount based on its population and if a candidate wins a state then they will win those points. If a candidate gets 270 electoral votes then he or she wins the presidency.

Now, what the liberal Democrats do not realize is that electoral college was devised and included in our fundamental documents by the founding fathers for a reason. Moreover, the electoral college makes sure that all parts of the country are involved in selecting the new president. The Democrats have claimed that a few states have much more say than the others, citing this as their main reason for the repeal. In fact, the electoral college actually gives smaller states a bigger voice than they would have in other systems of election.

If this process was repealed and replaced with the popular vote, certain states (i.e. Texas and California) would have a huge influence because of their population making the very thing the Democrats fear come to life. Again, each state’s electoral amount is decided by the population to ensure fairness. In short, the Democrats want to repeal the electoral college without understanding the consequences.

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