Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was allegedly found to have created a government email account ( for her boyfriend. However, he was not employed for her congressional office and, therefore, was not entitled to a government email address. It appear that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was able to obtain this email for him by falsely designating him as a staff member, and thus, violated the congressional code of ethics. Either way, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez needs to be reprimanded for her actions.

In addition to her email scandal, she also may have violated FEC laws regarding two $3, 000 payments she made to her boyfriend in August and September of 2017. The Coolidge Reagan Foundation filed a complaint to the FEC saying that these transactions violated the FEC law which states that contributions to political campaigns “shall not be converted by any person to personal use” and “an authorized committee must report the name and address of each person who has received any disbursement not disclosed”. The foundation also said that her campaign used “intermediaries”, someone who acts as a link between two people, and that the transactions were “amorphous”. Moreover, her boyfriend appeared to have contributed to the campaign in no clear way making the transaction persona, and thusly illegal.

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